How to download the Rap Trivia App

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An easy Step-by-Step Guide on downloading the Rap Trivia App

Rap Trivia is a FREE & fun game of Rap/Hip-Hop quizzes with multiple categories & more.

Download the Rap Trivia App
How to Download the Rap Trivia App

If you are a rap enthusiast or just a fan, Rap Trivia is the ultimate game with multiple quizzes & categories for rap fans & enthusiasts! It’s entertaining & educational. Challenge yourself with plenty of questions & quizzes covering old school rap history, famous rappers, albums, lyrics, iconic moments in the rap game, & more.

Getting Started

  1. Download Rap Trivia on iOS Begin by searching “Rap Trivia” on the Apple iOS App Store, you will see the official Rap Trivia app, tap on or and begin download (click here for iOS App Store)
  2. Download Rap Trivia on Android: Begin by searching “Rap Trivia” on the Android Google Play Store. (click here for Android App Store)

Devices Rap Trivia is on:

iOS/Apple Devices – iPhone & iPad

Android – All Phones & Tablets

Downloading the Rap Trivia App will unlock a world of hip-hop knowledge and fun. Embrace the app, challenge your friends & climb up the rankings/leaderboards. It’s time to download, play, and prove that you’re a true hip-hop head!

Share the fun! Sharing is caring!

Download the official Rap Trivia App
on iOS & Android

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