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15 Rap & Hip-Hop Quizzes to test your knowledge on the culture.

Think you know Rap? Take some of our free multiple choice Hip-Hop Quizzes to find out how much you know or to strengthen your knowledge on Rap/Hip-Hop music and culture. We have 15 Quizzes to choose from with more than 10 multiple choice questions in each. These are only samplers/test from the official Rap Trivia Game, which is available for purchase here or on Amazon Prime.

Rap Trivia Tester Quiz

Rap Dictionary Quiz

Hip Hop History Quiz

70’s Hip Hop Quiz

80’s Hip Hop Quiz

90’s Hip Hop Quiz

2000’s Hip Hop Quiz

2010’s Hip Hop Quiz

Current/Modern Hip Hop Quiz

First Rap Name Quiz

Hip Hop Grammy Quiz

Hip Hop Albums Release Year Quiz

Famous Rappers Birthplaces Quiz

Famous Rappers Zodiac Signs Quiz

Match the Rap Lyrics Quiz