First Rap Name Quiz


First Rap Name Quiz

Do you know the first rap name famous rappers had? Here are 10 First Rap Name multiple choice Questions from Rap Trivia Game by DailyRapFacts. Test your Rap and Hip-Hop knowledge with our Rap Trivia Quiz. Do you know Rap? This is only a sampler/tester of the game. More in the physical game.

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What was Future's first rap name?

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What was J. Cole's first rap name?

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What was Pusha T's first rap name?

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What was Tupac’s first rap name?

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What was the Notorious B.I.G.'s first rap name?

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What was Big Pun's first rap name?

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What was Kendrick Lamar's first rap name?

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What was Mac Miller’s first rap name?

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What was Playboi Carti's first rap name?

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What was Lil Wayne’s first rap name?

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