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Rap Trivia Original Game. A Hip-Hop Trivia Game by DailyRapFacts. Do You Know Rap?

Challenge your family or friends who also love Rap/Hip Hop & see who knows more on Hip Hop game night.

Rap Trivia is a fun party game for Rap/Hip-Hop fans & enthusiasts to test their Rap/Hip-Hop IQ. Each round, the host asks the players or teams a question from a red Rap Trivia card. Full instructions inside.

Put your Hip-Hop/Rap IQ to the test. The objective of this game is to test and strengthen your Rap/Hip-Hop knowledge while having fun playing with family or friends. Any number of players may play, teams can be formed.

What is Rap Trivia?

Rap Trivia is a fun trivia card game for family, friends, Hip-Hop heads, fans, and lovers.

Is there a Rap Trivia App?

Yes, there is a Rap Trivia app available on iOS & Android.

Download the Rap Trivia App

Where can I read the Rap Trivia Instructions?

Rap Trivia Instructions is available here.

How old do I have to be to play Rap Trivia?


How many players or teams can play Rap Trivia?

4+ players or team.

How long will it take to play Rap Trivia?

It will take 30+ minutes. You can play till you run out of cards or for as long as you like.

Where can I buy Rap Trivia?

You can purchase Rap Trivia on the official store

You can purchase Rap Trivia on Amazon Prime

You can purchase Rap Trivia on Etsy

You can purchase Rap Trivia on eBay

You can purchase Rap Trivia on Homign

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Download the official Rap Trivia App
on iOS & Android

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