Rap Trivia Original Game. A Hip-Hop Trivia Game by DailyRapFacts. Do You Know Rap?

Challenge your family or friends who also love Rap/Hip Hop & see who knows more on Hip Hop game night.

Rap Trivia is a fun party game for Rap/Hip-Hop fans & enthusiasts to test their Rap/Hip-Hop IQ. Each round, the host asks the players or teams a question from a red Rap Trivia card. Full instructions inside.

Put your Hip-Hop/Rap IQ to the test. The objective of this game is to test and strengthen your Rap/Hip-Hop knowledge while having fun playing with family or friends. Any number of players may play, teams can be formed.

What is Rap Trivia?

Rap Trivia is a fun trivia card game for family, friends, Hip-Hop heads, fans, and lovers.

Where can I read the Rap Trivia Instructions?

Rap Trivia Instructions is available here.

How old do I have to be to play Rap Trivia?


How many players or teams can play Rap Trivia?

4+ players or team.

How long will it take to play Rap Trivia?

It will take 30+ minutes. You can play till you run out of cards or as long as you like.

Where can I buy Rap Trivia?

You can purchase Rap Trivia here.

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