2010’s Hip Hop Quiz


2010’s Hip Hop Quiz

Here are 10 2010s multiple choice Hip-Hop Questions from Rap Trivia Game by DailyRapFacts. The First & Classic Edition. This is only a sampler/tester of the game. More in the physical game. Test your Rap and Hip-Hop knowledge with our Rap Trivia Quiz. Do you know Rap?

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Tyler, the Creator was an actor on what TV Show?

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What color dress was Nas beside in the "Life is Good" album cover? 

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Where was DaBaby born?

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What does "OVO" stand for?

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What does "G Fazos" mean?

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Which rapper has a knife tattooed on their face?

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Who are the 3 members of the Migos?

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Where is Pop Smoke from?

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Who is featured on DRAM’s song ’Broccoli’?

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Who was the first rapper to win a Pulitzer Prize?

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