What’s up with this store?

This is the official Rap Trivia Online Store. A fun party game for Rap/Hip-Hop fans & enthusiasts. The game was created by the DailyRapFacts team.

What is Rap Trivia?

Rap Trivia Game is an easy to play, easy to learn game making it perfect to play with family, friends, or a group.

Challenge your family or friends who also love Rap/Hip-Hop & see who knows more on Hip-Hop game night. If you love Rap/Hip-Hop this is the game for you.

Both Teens & Adults will enjoy this Rap Trivia game. It’s also a unique & great gift for Rap/Hip-Hop fans & enthusiasts to test their Rap/Hip-Hop IQ.

What’s in the box?

Inside the Rap Trivia box is: 200 different classic Rap Trivia Question & Answer Cards from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, 2010’s & present, 1 instructions sheet, and 1 die.

How do I play Rap Trivia?

Playing Rap Trivia is simple, get a group of 4 or more people and ask each other questions from the cards. At the end of the game the person with the most cards wins. Instructions are included in the box. You can also play however you like.

Read Rap Trivia instructions here

How many players or teams?

4+ Players or Teams. You can play individually or as teams. For ages 16+.

How long will it take to play Rap Trivia?

It will take 30+ minutes. You can play till you run out of cards.

Do you have quizzes I can take?

Yes. We have a lot of different quizzes you can take here. A lot of questions and samples from the physical game.

I already know everything about Rap/Hip-Hop.

Maybe you do… but do you really?… find out.

Where can I buy Rap Trivia?

You can purchase Rap Trivia from the official store here.

You can purchase Rap Trivia from Amazon Prime here.

You can purchase Rap Trivia from Homign here.

What’s up with the ’90s Rap Trivia Pack?

The ‘90s pack is ‘90s-themed 100-card edition, which is now available for purchase.

Is it safe to put my credit card number into this website?

Yes. We don’t store your credit card information (all transactions are handled by our payment processor, Shopify) and we will never share your personal information with anyone else.

Okay, do you accept PayPal, Venmo or some other cool payment app? 

Yes, we accept all four regular credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover) and more.

Will you accept BitCoins?


What’s your privacy policy?

We will never share your information with any third party. Who is a third party? Well the first party is us, and the second party is you. So a third party is anyone not us or you.

Shipping & Returns:

I’ve ordered, but now I’m impatient and I want to expedite my shipping.

We understand you want to play Rap Trivia, but sorry, we can’t do that.

My order never arrived.

Check the order confirmation email for the tracking number. If that doesn’t work, send us an email, tell us what you ordered and your order number, and we’ll help you out.

My order arrived incomplete or damaged.

Relax and take deep breaths for 30 minutes then send us an email. Tell us what you ordered and your order number, and we’ll help you out.

I would like to return my order.

If you want to return something unopened that you bought within the month, we can help you out. Just reply to your confirmation email. Note: We can’t accept returns outside the US.

I still need help.

Okay fine, you can email store@dailyrapfacts.com. Please include your order number and details.