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The official Rap Trivia App by DailyRapFacts®

The official Rap Trivia App by DailyRapFacts® Ya diiiiigg?!

Rap Trivia is a FUN Rap/Hip-Hop trivia game from the creators of the original Rap Trivia Game. Do you know Rap?! Test your knowledge of hip-hop music and culture with Rap Trivia!

Are you a rap enthusiast or just a fan? Rap Trivia is the ultimate game with multiple quizzes & categories for rap fans & enthusiasts! It’s entertaining & educational. Challenge yourself with plenty of questions & quizzes covering old school rap history, famous rappers, albums, lyrics, iconic moments in the rap game, & more.

Choose from various Rap Trivia categories. Complete quizzes to climb the leaderboard and claim the title of Rap Trivia Champion, you can even play in Self Challenge Mode. The Rap Trivia app is updated monthly with fresh new quizzes.

Download the official Rap Trivia App
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