15 Fun Rap/Hip-Hop Quizzes

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15 Rap & Hip-Hop Quizzes to test your knowledge on the culture.

Do you think you know Rap? Let’s put that to a test! We created 15 different fun Hip-Hop/Rap quizzes that you can take to see if you know things about Hip-Hop or if you just want to enhance your Rap knowledge. These quizzes include questions from Hip-Hop History to fun trivial things from the current/modern state of Rap. We also have a zodiac quiz for horoscope lovers. Put your Hip Hop IQ to a test. A lot of these questions are from the official Rap Trivia Game, which is available on the DailyRapFacts Store, Amazon Prime, and Homign.

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  1. Rap Trivia Tester Quiz
  2. Rap Dictionary Quiz
  3. Hip Hop History Quiz
  4. 70’s Hip Hop Quiz
  5. 80’s Hip Hop Quiz
  6. 90’s Hip Hop Quiz
  7. 2000’s Hip Hop Quiz
  8. 2000’s Hip Hop Quiz
  9. Current/Modern Hip Hop Quiz
  10. First Rap Name Quiz
  11. Hip Hop Grammy Quiz
  12. Hip Hop Albums Release Year Quiz
  13. Famous Rappers Birthplaces Quiz
  14. Famous Rappers Zodiac Signs Quiz
  15. Match the Rap Lyrics Quiz

We hope you enjoy taking these quizzes. We will continue to add more. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please email info@dailyrapfacts.com.

Share the fun! Sharing is caring!

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